Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Eric Carle Inspired Fish Art Lesson

Eric Carle Fish
Very same as the owls, except use a fish template (see "Barns and Farms" below). This is one project that the children often chose not to use a template. If that's the case, encourage them to cut big! They tend to cut too small when creating their won fish.


Ellen said...

I'm wondering if you can help me. I'm trying to come up with a very easy art lesson to do for a job interview (teaching pre-K). I will be reading Eric Carle's The Seahorse) and will have about 15 minutes for the art lesson. If you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. Please email them to me at birdwoman5151@yahoo.com. Thanks!!!

Patty P said...

Hi Ellen,
I recently did an Eric Carle inspired seahorse lesson for Kinders.
The first step I had the children use liquid watercolors and paint ocean waves, ripply lines onto a white piece of paper. Then I made a simple seahorse shape and traced it onto card stock. I cut out about 10 or so of these "templates". Then, all the kids had to do was trace the pattern onto a separate piece of paper and paint away ( or color...whatever your time frame allows).
When the seahorse dries, teh kids can cut it out and place it on the ocean.
Not a detailed lesson but I think you might get the idea.
Good luck and thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

I am planning a unit on Eric Carle for my library media internship. How did you have the students attach their collages? Glue sticks? Regular glue? Thanks, Laura

Patty P said...

Either is fine, although both have drawbacks. Glue sticks are not as messy, yet don't stick as well. Regular white glue sticks well, but is messy.
Best solution?
Mix a little water with some white school glue, add a small brush and have the kids paint on the glue. Sticks very well and is less messy.
Good luck!

Laura said...

I'm still planning my unit on Eric Carle for my library media internship. Can you give me any idea how much paper and paint I should have for about 200 students? Hard for me to know how much paint! Trying to buy supplies this week. This site has been so much help! Laura

Patty P said...

200 students. huh? That's alot for one project. Well, for starters, you'll need 200 pieces of white paper for the kids to create their "Eric Carle" inspired paper. As for paint, try ordering gallon sized tempera. You'll need yellow, blue and red, and white. You can mix these colors together to create any other color.
Hard to give specifics through this blog but hope this will get you started.

Laura said...

I do a library media internship on Tues. and Fri. Wanted to do the same art project with all the students I see on those days. 200 is better than 600 total kids in the school. Thanks so much for the advice. I'll let you know how it went when we do the unit.

Laura said...

Finally did my unit on Eric Carle for my library media internship. Just wanted to say thank you again for the help. It turned out great. Some of the students' work was wonderful. They really enjoyed it. The unit lasted a month. Students created animals by collage that were inspired by Eric Carle's work. Made a beautiful display.

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