Monday, April 6, 2009

Owl Paintings for Second Grade

Here is a great alternative to the Torn Paper Owl lesson that I posted last month. Using the same directed drawing lesson, draw the owl onto a piece of black paper using a white oil pastel.
Provide a palette of grays, browns, white and black tempera paint.
I demonstrate how to double-load two paints onto their brush to blend paint directly onto their paper. This is a great technique since it eliminates the time and mess of having the children blend the paint on a palette. I find when they do this, it takes them along time to find just the "right" color.
Show the kids how to make short brush strokes to imitate feathers.
Lastly, add a moon and stars.


trish said...

Your blog is fantastic!! Im a middle school teacher and found it while searching klimt lesson. I just started a blog for my class this Christmas. I love the way you have lesson plan ideas as well. I forwarded your blog to my co teacher who does the elem. Do you have your own blog for your own art?

Patty P said...

Hi Trish!
Thanks so much for you lovely comments. I'm glad you found the site helpful. Funny enough, I devote my spare time to writing and have not pursued my own art. Hmmm...Mmybe some day?

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