Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Katrina" Day of the Dead Project for Kids

Paper-bag "Katrina's" ended our Dead of the Dead unit at Brandon School. These festive, vibrant sculptures were a blast to create. The fifth grade students worked hard taping paper bags and paper towel rolls together, adding paper plate hats and trying hard to find ingenious ways to make the arms stay together! After completing the armature, paints were mixed, sequins gathered and the fun began...

The "Katrina's" took three, 45 minute sessions. Constructing the armature was the most difficult but the students listened well and got busy after the demonstration. Painting and decorating was a huge amount of fun. I put supplies on each table and gave minimal instructions. This seemed to work well, as the kids engaged their imaginations freely!


april said...

They're wonderful! And look at those colors! Beautiful pieces of art!

Patty Palmer said...

Thanks April. I love the colors as well!

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