Thursday, April 17, 2008

Art Shows

Been quite busy the past few weeks organizing art shows, thus, the lack of new posts. Sorry! My last show is tonight but I couldn't wait to upload a few pictures from the Foothill show last week. Thanks to Colton's mom, Janey (shown left) who always does a fantastic job of hanging the art. Thanks, Janey!
Also, congratulations to the students whose art I chose for the Goleta Union School District art show in May. I'll post the art and names later this weekend....Now more art show pics.


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I would love some help with art show set up ideas....

I teach at two schools, and have a total of 900 students. I have one piece of art for every student but NO IDEA how to hang them cheaply around the school but still get the art show affect! What did you do here? Is this just bulletin board paper? Are they hanging on poles? string? Is the artwork glued up? I'm feeling a little desperate, so I appreciate your help :) New school this year, and different 'supplies' and things...

Thanks for your input...if you wouldn't mind emailing me or posting it back to my blog, I'd be thankful :)

Patty Palmer said...

The art is hung on large sheets of pre-cut craft paper. You can staple the lengths to walls or in our case, drape them over a wire suspended close to he ceiling.
Before we hang the large panels, each piece of art is stapled to the main sheet. I use long armed staplers for this. The staples are easy to remove after the show is over as are the long sheets. Just pull off!
For more suggestions, I'll add a discussion topic over at Deep Space Sparkle on Facebook. Go to the side bar of this blog for the link. Hopefully you'll get more suggestions.

Patty Palmer said...

Katie...pop over to Deep Space Sparkle on Facebook to get some art show tips!

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