Thursday, March 26, 2009

Planets and Galaxy Project for Fifth Grade

Inspired by the Spheres in Space lesson over at Art Project for Kids, I adapted it to include a sparkly galaxy and cut-out planets.

Step 1: Fold a 12" x 18" white paper in half. Using various sized round containers, trace 5-6 circles onto the sheet of paper (only half the sheet). Cut out circles and use remaining paper as a mat to protect the table.
Step 2: Color and blend colored chalk onto circles, blending right off the edges.
Step 3: Using white chalk, color in one edge of the circle to create a highlight. Blend with fingers. Then, with black chalk, color the opposite side (working with the round edges) creating a shadow.
Step 4: Splatter paint a 12" x 18" sheet of black paper. I like to offer glitter paint as well as white paint as options.
Step 5: Glue planets to galaxy.


queenb2u said...

I love this project, but chalk is such a mess. I don't mind mess, but the students get chalk all over! I am "art on a cart" so many of the classrooms don't have access to water. Any suggestions for clean up and staying somewhat clean? :)

Patty Palmer said...

Boy, I sure do know what you mean! The reason I use only half the paper for the planets is to use the other half as a desk cover. It helps contain the chalk and then the kids can pick up the paper and dump the chalk in the trash.
Also, have the children hold up their pointer finger. Tell them that this is their art tool. Do not use entire hand!
Oh yes, one more thing. Tap the excess chalk onto the floor. Don't encourage blowing.
Hope these tips help.

Anonymous said...

Try this (and other sky-included projects) on glitter-embeded construction paper.

Lindsay and Willis said...

I love to work with chalk pastels, I have "hand wipes" on my supplies list for the kids, and cut them in half. One half for hands, one half for their table. Can't wait to try this project next week!

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