Friday, March 27, 2009

City at Night Skyline Collage

That Artist Lady offers a complete tutorial on this lesson. The fun part is digging into your gift wrap box and selecting the odds and ends that will become windows, smoke stacks and doors.
I did this lesson with sixth graders and initially thought the lesson would be to young for them, but it wasn't.
Drawing the city skyline was easy (I used my cardboard templates that I created for my "castle" project) and offered an assortment of rulers (different widths).
I'm afraid my camera wasn't cooperating when I took the pictures, so many didn't turn out. But still, you can see how much they enjoyed this project.
Thanks Artist Lady for such a great project and easy-to-understand instructions!


The Munoz Family said...

How do you storethe students work in your classroom, do they take their work back to their classroom?


Patty Palmer said...

Hi Evelyn,
I store all my art in the art room. I'll be doing a post on this next week so check back!

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