Friday, August 27, 2010

Planning Time....

Since arriving home from Canada last week, I've been busy creating my new PDF series entitle 3-Ingredient Art. My friend, Maggie, came up with the name thinking that teachers really need simple art lessons that require a minimal amount of art supplies. After evaluating my lesson files, I came up with what I believe to be, the most effective ones. I'm proud of these little booklets and I hope they can assist you in bringing art into your classroom or home.

Many of you know that I switched from a PC to a Mac last May, and let's just say the transition was less than stellar. See the window in the picture? The Mac almost went though it. I was so frustrated at first. Still can be, but mostly I have adjusted to the "Mac-Mindset". 100's of iMac tutorials will do that to you. I had intentions of introducing my newest PDF's in the summer, but time was spent reorganizing all my photo-files and learning how to select. Now I can say that I adore my Mac and can't imagine life without it.

Now it's time for a little production break and time to focus on lessons for the current school year. I used to be quite afraid of this step--developing my own lessons. Perhaps you feel similar. But I've come up with a system to organize my thoughts and ideas and streamline them into something useful. I call it my SPARKLE Method and I'll share it with you next week. So check back!

So for those who are back in the classroom; I hope you have a wonderful start to the school year; that your classrooms are beautiful, your students well-behaved and schedule heavenly! If you're like me and have a bit more summer, enjoy these glorious days.
Regular posts will start next week!


Angel said...

I adore your clean white space to work in! I've not tried any PDF's yet, but am very tempted by this 3 ingreedient theme.

I LOVE your site and always look forward to new posts. You have inspired me to start my own blog for teaching younger artists - pre-k and maybe younger. -still in the planning stages.

Unknown said...

Love the new lessons and can't wait to use them this year. It cuts my planning time down tremendously! Can't wait to see what you do this year :-)
Texas Art Teacher

Denise Ferrell said...

if you can explain a mac as well as you do your lessons.. you have it over the genius bar. You might include tips for mac users as you go along. I've had mine for a few years but still don't know how to do a lot. i have a desk top as well and love what I do know how to do.

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