Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Plans

I had my last day of teaching art yesterday, capped off with a frustrating bout of laryngitis. The kids were so funny. I could only whisper, so they would whisper right back. Too cute. Some were very concerned that I might not talk again. Given the quiet classrooms, I might keep my voice to myself a few days longer!
It was also my last day at Mountain View School, where I have taught for the past five years. It has been a wonderful school to work at, so supportive of the art program and very accommodating to me. Saying good-bye to the children was hard but Santa Barbara/Goleta is a very close-knit community and I know I'll see many of them again.
One of the benefits of working at only one school is that now I'll have the time to develop their art program a bit more. I'll also have more time for this blog, which means more lessons, more tips and more interaction with you guys...fellow art nuts!

Starting next week, I'll have free days so that means more blog posts. Here are some things to look forward to:
  • Ceramic Mural Tutorials...all the details about making the beautiful ceramic murals that I have done in the past four years.
  • Native American Art lessons
  • Elephant Art Lessons
  • Outlaws and Gunslingers Lessons
  • Chameleons and Iguanas Art Lessons
  • More management tips and so much more.
I'll be travelling back to Prince Edward Island the end of July for three weeks with my family and will close down the site for a few weeks. I'll be eating lobsters and playing lots of golf and won't be thinking too much of paint and pastels!

In August, Deep Space Sparkle will be getting a new "make-over". Darcy at Graphically Designing will be doing the transformation and I simply cannot wait to see what ideas she has up her creative sleeve.

So those are basically my intentions for the next few least as far as Deep Space Sparkle goes! Hope you all have a wonderful and restful summer. Don't go away. I'll be right here getting you all set for next September!


Paintedpaper said...

I have 1 more day as well. Then comes the family vacations and endless days of gardening. Enjoy your time off can't wait to see the new layout! :)

Kathy said...

Have a great summer vacation. I have 3 1/2 days after we go back on Tuesday. I've been passing back art like crazy, so we'll concentrate on cleaning and sorting the room for 3 days. Fri AM is a fun day picnic! THen the fun at home begins with sewing, lounging, and gardening.

Our Journey to Forever said...

I am LOVING this post filled with so many ideas that will be coming:-)!

Wishing you a wonderful summer and a super family vacation too in July!

Can't wait to see the makeover in a few months as well.

Thanks so, so much for so many wonderful art lessons, ideas and inspiration.

Megan said...

Have a wonderful, well-deserved break! I have SO enjoyed your blog this year, it has been the inspiration for some much beloved projects with my grade 1/2 class. Merci beaucoup! Enjoy "Anne" country!

Patty Palmer said...

Thanks guys! PEI seems like a long way off, but it won't be long before I'm sitting on my deck sipping coffee with my hubby.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the fun projects this year!

interestingly, none of my K-3 graders knew about Native Americans (perhaps it's a bay area thing)

Pamela Holderman said...

Enjoy your summer - I still have 3 weeks left, but who is counting. I have posted most of my lessons and now have the art lessons on the right side of my blog under their own heading. Just finished clay robots that are oh so cute. I have used many of your lessons this year. thanks so much for all of the inspiration!

Mélanie said...

Already can't wait! Thanks for the great ideas!

tishalou said...

Enjoy - no fair! I have two solid weeks of teaching left - then three days of fluff...
Looking forward to seeing more and your redesign! Thanks for all the great ideas. I used the royal pooches with my 1st graders - did a few different things with it and added a lab to the mix ( I have 2).

Anonymous said...

When I had laryngitis I told my kids I lost my voice. When the little ones came the next week, they sweetly asked "did you find your voice Mrs. Burns?". Pretty cute!

Phyl said...

Thanks Patty for being the inspiration for me starting my own blog!
I still have two and a half weeks left Actually, it seems much shorter, because I had a student teacher for 12 weeks who just finished on Friday, and I missed getting to do my own stuff. Now there's no time for everything I want to do. Oh well, there's always next year!
Have a great summer, and keep checking my blog because I'm not done posting yet!

Lucy said...

Thanks again for all your great ideas. I've tried many of your projects and felt invigorated by the newness of them after 15 years of teaching art.
Enjoy your break!

Raphaele said...

Bonjour! I am a french 2nd grade teacher and I love your ideas. Here in France, no such thing as "art teacher", WE are teachers of every subject!

Still a full month to go before summer vacation!

K-Sue said...

Congratulations on a year well done. I look forward to reading and seeing what's coming up.

Mary said...

Thanks for all your wonderful posts. I'm looking forward to your new batch! I plan on doing some of your lessons in my 3 mini art camps this summer: Children's Book Art, Animal Art Fun, and Art Projects from Around the World. (You've great ideas for all 3!)Have a fantastic Summer!

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