Monday, March 29, 2010

Close-up Giraffe Paintings for Sixth Grade

Art Shows are fast approaching! It's a pleasure to see the proud faces of all my artist when they see their beautiful art on the walls of the multi-purpose room. But, of course, art shows means lots of organizing. (I'm planning a post soon detailing the stages of art show planning at my schools. Check back soon!) One of the first steps for me is sorting the hundreds of student projects into personal folders/portfolio. I found this stack of giraffes and just had to snap a few pictures before I tucked them inside the folders.
These were created by my sixth grade class at Brandon school. I featured this project in my "Drawing Animals" PDF lesson plan. The down-loadable booklet features handouts and a tutorial.


Cheryl Hancock said...

We spend basically half an hour getting student work sorted at the end of the year. In the mean time I have every piece mounted and a big Clip or peg to hold them together. That way I have them ready for display. I store each classes work in large plastic lidded tubs on wheels which makes moving them easier for myself, the cleaner and the kids.
I am lucky this year I have high school student who is undertaking workplace learning one day a week. He is amazing at getting work mounted , displayed and cleaning. Morrison is my angel.
PS I am starting my own blog shortly. I will be posting a display of the children's art work for our fete up the next couple of weeks.

Patty P said...

Can't wait to see your blog, Cheryl!

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