Friday, January 2, 2009

Product Review: Sargent Metallic Paint

I'm pleased to introduce another feature onto Deep Space Sparkle:
Product reviews!

When I first became an art teacher, I had no idea where or how to get art supplies. Do I go to my local craft store or order online? Luckily, the art teacher before me left a few catalogs. Through them, I have discovered a world of art supplies designed for classroom use. (I have listed them to the left of the blog.)
Every year, the companies come up with new products. Last year, the metallic tempera paint was my favorite.
What is it? Metallic paint comes in many mediums: watercolor, acrylic and tempera. I opted for tempera since it is widely know to be washable and have great coverage. The catalog featured a set from Sargent and came in a pack of six, 8-ounce bottles. You can purchase them separately for $5.50 or $21.90 for the six-pack (Nasco catalog)
The paint glides onto any surface, especially desks, and produces a wonderful metallic color, rich and opaque. I've used it mostly in the upper grades where I can control the amount a bit better. The bottles aren't that big but a little does go a long way.
You can use it like any other tempera paint, except I feel that it's best treated as an embellishment to the art, similar to glitter.

Here are some projects using the paint:

Fall Leaves: 1st grade. The metallic paint is one of six colors offered for this project. The paint "stamped" beautifully.

Lady Liberty: 5th grade. Not every student chose to go with metallic colors, but Caroline did. She brushed bronze paint over lady liberty's face and crown.

Klimt Women: 6th grade. Metallic paint was a big component of this project. I mix the metallic paint with white glue to create metallic glue used for teh background. Also, the students were encouraged to paint the dresses with metalliuc paint and then embellish over the paint, when dried.

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