Saturday, September 6, 2008

A new school year is beginning...

Summer is officially over and I have started teaching at Mountain View School in Goleta. Next week I begin my new position at Brandon School, which is the school where my own children have, and still do, attend. Teaching at Brandon is quite a thrill but leaving Foothill School, where I taught for four years, was sad. I'll miss the kids...

Breaking into a new year can be effortless and challenging at the same time. I couldn't wait to get back into the art room after a lengthy summer holiday. I began with a sixth grade class then immediately switched to first grade. Let's just say, I wasn't quite prepared for the transition! Teaching the little ones, most of whom have attention spans of about five minutes, was both amusing and baffling. As soon as I get a feel for the class dynamics, first grade is my absolute favorite grade. They are darling, creative and candid.

Art teachers around the country will be starting up soon. I hope more and more think about blogging. The art community could use more bloggers! Please continue to add comments, exchange ideas and suggest resources.

I will begin posting art lessons very shortly.

Have a great year!


Debbie Miller said...

oooh, I'll be checking back for ideas!!! so glad I found you. I'll be teaching Kindergarten Art for the first time this year. so excited. I've got my own painting blog but am thinking about starting one for my new little artists!

amy said...

WONDERFUL! I have been teaching art for almost 10 years now + really enjoyed finding your blog. I was going to start a school blog + yours is an inspiration:)

Patty P said...

Debbie and Amy,
Glad you stopped by! Good luck with setting up your own blogs. If you come across any good ones, send them along!
Happy Painting.
PS're art is beautiful!

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