Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fred Babb Fantastic ART Quotes

I have a poster book featuring prints of Fred Babb's energetic art. Inside the book, he splashes quotes across the foreheads of his subjects or against a stark black canvas. Here are a two of my favorites:

"Time becomes meaningless in the face of creativity"
"Art Major: I really wanted to be a peace talks negotiator-but I thought I should have something to fall back on."
Many are displayed in my art bring me back to the real reason I love teaching: creating art...and some for just pure whimsical pleasure.
There is one quote in particular that keeps me going. Since I'm a writer as well as an art teacher, this quote has double meaning for me.

"It flows because it is the natural expression of who you are. If what you make happens to please someone else, that's great. But always make Art to please yourself first."
How often in your art class do you here a child say, "Do you like it?" Since I'm a very complimentray teacher (some art teachers have a real problem with this type of subjective praise) I often tell them what really stands out to me. But, I wish they wouldn't ask. In a prefect world, these kids would be so involved with their art they wouldn't care who like it or whjo didn't. But that's not reality. Kids are judged everyday by parents, teachers, classmates, society. I judge my own kids everyday, even though I don't think I do.
It's my day off today and I plan to go shopping for a new piece of art to hang above my fireplace. This kleaves me with the best of Fred Babb's quotes:

"Good art won't match your sofa."

Click here for my art lesson on Fred Babb.

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