Thursday, August 19, 2010

New! 3-Ingredient Art: Lessons for Grades One and Two

3-Ingredient Art is all about simplicity...making the most of what you have and not worrying about purchasing fancy or hard-to-find art supplies. The three lessons featured in my newest PDF are created using three basic products: paper, markers or pastels and paints. How simple is that?

My most popular lessons for first and second grade students are featured. I have done these lessons many times over the years and my students love them. You'll have everything you need to teach these lessons including my special Deep Space Sparkle handouts that you can only find in my PDF booklets!

  • Colorful Clowns are fun and dynamic. Guide the children through a fun drawing lesson featuring shapes and lines and then get messy with tempera paint. These clowns are utterly adorable! Two handouts are included: How-to-Draw A Clown and Clown Idea Sheet.
  • Color-Wheel Scarecrows aren't at all scary, they're just plain fun! Teach young children the art of mixing primary colors to make secondary colors and then the pure excitement of mixing it all together to make brown. Scarecrow Idea Sheet included
  • "Elmer the Elephant" has been charming readers since 1989. This delightful tale makes a wonderful cross-curriculum activity. Inspired by the book, children dream up their own patterned elephant. Two handouts included ("Elmer" pattern ideas and how-to-draw a simple elephant)
Each lesson features photo-tutorials, supply list, a "script" or helpful teaching tips for teachers and a gallery of student work.

Only $5

Although the lessons are suggested for grades one and two, they could be adapted for any grade level.

This 17-page booklet is available for download. Simply click the Buy Now button and follow the instructions.
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The Peets said...

Welcome back! I've been looking forward to your return to the art blogging world!

Gwen said...

I purchased this but unfortunately I can't get it to open on my computer. I've had luck in the past when I have purchased your booklets. Do you have another format I could download from? Thanks

Patty Palmer said...

Hi Gwen,
Can't say what the problem is, but don't worry. If you email me your email address, Neil will send you a direct link.
Help is on the way!

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