Friday, May 7, 2010

Painted Pigs Art Project

Simple. Cute. Fun. What more could you want from a first grade art lesson? Last year, I introduced this lesson to my Kinders (see post) and it was so successful that I thought I would try it again. This time, however, I used tempera paints instead of watercolor.

Simple Steps...

Using a black oil pastel, draw a simple pig. Add a wavy or straight horizon line, fence posts and perhaps a sun.

Paint background first with blue, yellow and green paints (I set out pre-mixed colors for simplicity). Then paint the pig.

Once everything is dry, dip a small paint brush into black tempera paint and trace over
the black oil pastel lines.
That's it!

First Grade Results...


Lori- said...

These are spring-happy! Thanks for the fun ideas...and thanks for joining me at

cheers! Lori

Beth Allums said...

I did the cows with my kinders this week - They look awesome!They begged me to do it again - so I told them we'll do pigs next week. Maybe now we'll go for tempera paint!
I adore your blog - and I owe you an enormous
THANK YOU!!! You have taken me out of my end of the year rut, and my kids are having a great time doing some awesome projects! Thank you so much!.

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