Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Castles in Watercolor and Marker

My fourth grade students completed these fantastic castles today. I followed the instructions and template technique from my "Architecture Made Easy" PDF Lesson Plan but changed the medium. Instead of colored pencils, I suggested the students use colored markers for the small sections of the castle (windows, flags, banners, doors, etc) and liquid watercolors for the background and castle itself.
I really like the subtle nature of the watercolors and it takes much less time to finish. Always a plus this time of year!

Fourth Grade Results!


carmelita said...

I used your lesson with my fifth graders. I think its one of the most successful projects of our year. I hung them up in the art hall today and they are getting rave reviews! Thank you so much for your great tutorials!

jasmine bailey-barfuss said...

Great idea!!

SamBe said...

something about these reminds me of paul klee, particularly the rightmost of the top row, and then the last two!

trying to figure out why...
maybe it's the scaliness of the castle walls and the color palette

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