Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Repeat Fish Collage using Painted Paper

Kids love painting paper. Place a piece of white paper and a few tubs of paint on a table and watch 'em go at it. Pure joy. If you think Kinders love this technique, watch your fifth graders. They go all out.

This project is simple. Set out 2 pieces of white paper per student and approx 3-5 tubs of paint (reds, blues, greens, yellows...mix it up) per table. Place large brushes in the paint tubs. I suggested creating two coordinating sheets of paper, explaining that one paper will be used for the bodies and the other paper will be used for details. Well, the kids barley listened and came up with their own agenda. Honestly? It worked out much better.
When the painted paper dries, draw one or two fish (silhouettes only) on the back of the paper or on a separate sheet. Trace onto painted paper and cut out.
Use the cut-out fish as a template to trace onto more painted paper.

Cut out as many fish as you would like (alternating painted paper choices...the kids made two) and adding fins, tails, decorations, etc. Arrange fish on a sheet of black construction paper.

Use metallic paint to add bubbles, scales and other embellishments. if you don't have metallic paint, use oil pastels, gel pens, crayons, even glitter.
Anything to add another dimension to the project.

Fifth Grade Results!


Anonymous said...


I really like these fish. I think using metallic paint is a great idea!


barbarasthoughtoftheday said...

These fish look great. I love the repetition and the bubbles.

Sleepyhead Designs Studio said...

Those turned out so fun and colorful! Love it!

Mary said...

I tend to gravitate towards painted paper art projects. This one is wonderful for a number of ages to succeed at and enjoy.
Thanks for another great post!

Clover said...

Love your blog!

Char said...

I always find it surprising when my older students see the projects I do with kinder and 1st and ask when do they get to do that.

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