Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New! Art Lessons from Around The World Part I

While watching the Olympic Games, I was awestruck by the beauty of the cultural images presented during the opening ceremonies. The native dancers in their elaborate headdresses and costume were not only entertaining, but inspiring. Exploring cultures from around the world is part of every student's academic repertoire but sometimes tying an art lesson into the lesson is challenging.
I offer you three art lessons with a cultural slant...
  • From Russia, The Littlest Matryoshka. Children draw a nesting doll and color with markers. An everyday household object makes drawing this doll a breeze! (age 5-8)
  • From San Pablito, Mexico, Amate Bark painting. Children "make" bark and use markers and tempera paint to create a traditional Mexican Folk Art. (age 6-11)
  • Ancient Aztec inspires three lessons; a leader, a warrior or a symbolic animal. Use the handouts for how-to instructions and then color away with markers. (age 7-12)
These three lessons require the most basic of art products (black pen, white paper, colored markers, tempera paint, paper bag or brown paper). No need to buy anything fancy!

Download the lesson directly to your computer or print out and put in a binder with your other Deep Space Sparkle Lesson Plans. Please note: ALL DEEP SPACE SPARKLE LESSON PLANS ARE FOR DOWNLOAD ONLY. THEY WILL NOT BE MAILED OR EMAILED TO YOU.
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Perfect for Kinder all the way through Sixth Grade, these lessons can be adapted to any grade. This 20-page booklet is sure to become a staple in your art curriculum.
Only $5

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