Sunday, February 28, 2010

New! "Drawing Animals" PDF Art Booklet

You asked for it! An art lesson featuring animals was my number one requested lesson according to your emails and Facebook requests. (Cultural Lessons was number two and will be available in a couple of weeks!)

This 17-page PDF Art Booklet features three kid-pleasing lessons with a bonus lesson included. Perfect for Kinder all the way to sixth grade, these lessons include how-to-draw handouts, complete photo-tutorials and the ever popular student gallery.

Dancing Cows is inspired by the famous "Cows" Creamery in Prince Edward Island, Canada (where I grew up!). The business has a staff of artists who create funky cows images for their private label t-shirts. I couldn't help come up with a lesson inspired by one of their images. Children will LOVE drawing an upside-down or a ballerina cow!

Speckled Hens combines a realistic painting with a folk art background. Upper elementary is suggested but this lesson can be adapted for younger students as well. Follow my step-by-step guide for drawing a hen and paint away using a cool double-loading technique. You'll want to frame one of these!

Giraffes are a staple in any art room and for good reason. They're easy to identify with their beautiful necks and gorgeous spots which makes drawing them effortless to draw! As a twist, this lesson focuses on the head and tangle of legs necessary!

The PDF is designed to be printed out or you can read it directly from your computer screen. Please note, that the lesson will NOT be mailed or emailed to you.

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Only $5!


Anonymous said...

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Mr. Halpern said...

As a 'craft-challenged' kindergarten teacher, can I just say THANK you! Your site is a blessing for me... I need all the help with ideas I can get. :) I'll be visiting OFTEN.

Kathy said...

Wow! Great idea about taking the animals and doing such fabulous folk art from the real photos! I love the idea of little self published booklets for the art room. I have one one about fireworks and one about animal silhouettes that we seem to use every year. Thanks for the inspiring post.


I just wanted to say i LOVE your blog. As a part time art teacher at an art school for after school kids I want to thank you so much for has given me many ideas where I add my own twist too! Thank you so very much! I was thinking about starting a separate blog for my classes but for now I just have my blog about my own art & life. Do you think its a better idea to separate the two? my art and my class art? thanks again!

Patty Palmer said...

Hi Ivy,
One blog or two...hmmm. Don't we all wonder about that? I suppose it depends what your intentions are for your school blog. Do you want to reach out to parents, art educators or anyone who happens by? I say, try different things out to see what feels right for you. Experiment and see what works.
Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

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