Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cardinals in Winter Art Lesson

I believe this idea originated from the fabulous Painted Paper Flicker Stream, although it may have come from a link. I'm terrible at organizing my bookmarks, so I apologize to the creator of this beautiful lesson. My second and third graders did this lesson, but it would be appropriate for fourth grade as well. It's very easy considering how stunning it is. I didn't create a handout for this lesson because you really don't need one; just a quick demonstration on the whiteboard is enough to get the kids drawing.

  • 12" x 18" white paper
  • Blue metallic tempera paint (Michael's craft store will have this paint)
  • Pencil
  • Black, red, yellow and white tempera paint
  • Q-tips for snow

This is the picture I used sourced from the internet as an example of a cardinal. Explain however, that it's not necessary to draw the entire body, just the head and neck area.
After drawing the bird in pencil (yes, pencil! No eraser though), draw branches and lines for twigs. Set out the metallic blue paint and paint the background first.
After painting the blue background, paint the red cardinal, then the yellow beak, brown twigs and then finally, the black mask and outline. Final step: snowflakes using a q-tip dipped in white paint.
Second and Third Grade Results!


Nellie Mae said...

I LOVE THIS!! I will be doing it next year for sure! I have already done winter cardinals this year. ;-)

Tifani said...

I tried this activity with my 8 and 6 year olds today. We had quite a bit of fun. I love that they learned how to make brown by mixing colors. On their own they told me it is like mixing ketchup and relish on a hot dog. :)

marisa said...

I absolutley love your site! It's exactly what I was looking for. I live just south of you in Ventura. My oldest just started kinder this last fall and I want to start volunteering teaching art in her class and your site will be a tremendous help!

Sleepyhead Designs Studio said...

Great results! I will be trying this in class! I'll post ours when we do it!

alexandra said...

great job with this blog! i used "how to draw a pig" lesson and it worked out great. i also love "giraffe can't dance". i'm new in business (i started teaching art in October) and very enthusiatic. i hope you won't mind checking out my blog :). keep up the good work!

alexandra said...

my blog

myletterstoemily said...


what fun your kids must have!


akiko said...

Thank you so much for share your art and works. I always love to do art work with my boys and this is great to start!

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