Saturday, January 9, 2010

New! DEEP SPACE SPARKLE presents...Art and Literature!

Picture books are my go-to source for art lessons. A trip to the library yields a bounty of ideas. But not just any book with a great story and fantastic art makes a great lesson. The illustrations have to be accessible and adaptable to the young artist. These four are perfect!

Pie in the Sky (Book by Lois Ehlert) is perfect for lower grade elementary kids. Begin by making painted paper, Eric Carle style, and use the provided templates to create the stunning birds. This lesson is particularly good for inclusion children. No matter what skill level the child possesses, this is truly a successful project.

Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton is not only an endearing book, but "Splat" is easy to paint! Second graders will love creating their own "Splat" using tempera paint and chalk pastel. Add painted paper embellishments and soon the kids will be proclaiming their ambitions as a children's book illustrator!

Do You Have a Hat? by Eileen Spinelli (grades 1-3) describes famous hats worn by famous people. Using the templates provided, children will pick their favorite hat and draw a person to go with it! Watercolors and crafts unite in this creative art lessons for little ones.

Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp by Carol Diggory Shields Illustrated by Scott Nash (grades 2-5) is best taught as a directed line drawing: use the two drawing handouts provided to guide the children through the steps of drawing a dancing dino! Finish the drawing by filling in the shapes with watercolors plus two secret weapons...salt and rubbing alcohol. The children will absolutely LOVE how the dinosaur skins literally ripple!

My 33-page Art and Literature PDF Booklet is my largest so far...8 pages of templates, 4 how-to-draw handouts, prep tips and full photo tutorials. I know you will love browsing through the student gallery and planning your next art unit.

All for only $5!

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Mary said...

The timing of these lessons could not be better as I have 2 classes dealing with children's book art. I thought I had my 6 week line-up ready to go.(your Giraffes Can't Dance being one of my projects.) But I am always open for some last minute changes. (BTW - I am loving the lesson on those beautiful watercolor birds as well.)

Thank you and Happy New Year!


Patty Palmer said...

Fantastic! I love incorporating books into my lessons as much as possible. Love "giraffes". A perennial favorite.

learningparade said...

You know how important picture books are to us all and it's great to have some more inspiring activities! Good choice of stories! :)

pakosta said...

I paid the 5.00 for this, but can't figure out how to get the PDF files? it's under my husband's email. Michael pakosta.
Please help! thanks!
tara pakosta

Patty Palmer said...

Hi Pakosta,
No problem. But can you send me an email with the date of purchase? Just makes it easier to find. I'm assuming it's PayPal. I'll forward the email to tech support and they'll send you a link directly. (FYI, Paypal will send the download link to the email you paid with but every so often, something seems to go wrong!)

pakosta said...

yes, it was paypal!
just sent you an email from my husband's email address!
thanks so much!
Tara Pakosta

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