Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Line Drawings Part II: Owls and Cats

In keeping with my theme for line drawings, I'm posting a few of my samples that I have done with my students over the years. I don't like to show "teacher samples" as I don't feel that helps you much with your expectations, but I'm making an exception here. Hopefully, you'll get inspired to try a few with your students this fall.

The instructions are simple and are mostly the same for all the line drawings that I do. Start with a directed line drawing (these are great at the beginning of the year because it gives you an idea of how able the kids are at listening) and then progress to showing examples of patterns. Let the students finish up their drawings at their own pace. Many teachers I've talked to love to have their students work on these line drawings while reading a book. It gives their hands something to do, while listening intently to a story. Beware though, some kids cannot listen and draw at the same time. Many will stop drawing! Either way, it's good for the child.
Here are a few samples of cats, owl and fish. As you can see, you can do any animal, even insects (think ladybug!). The focus is to teach children about patterns. To extend this project, cut out the image and paste onto a colorful piece of construction paper. The contrast of the black and white drawings is stunning with a bright color.


Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing...very very fascinating and clever! xx

Sue said...

What a great idea. one of my studetns is obsessed with cats and has really good fine motor skills. She is going to love this activity.
thanks for the idea.

Patty Palmer said...

I forgot to mention that it's a good idea to leave the cat face free of patterns. This way the kids can add a face and the patterns won't jumble it up.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and art ideas. I taught art last year for the first time, without any training and was blessed to find your pages. Is it possible for you to post directions to drawing the cat and owl?

Anonymous said...

What a simple, yet stunning idea. I'm going to use butterflies as we are sending Monarchs off on their migration to Mexico. Thanks!

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