Friday, July 3, 2009

Introducing: Single Subject Lesson Plans!

I thought it might be helpful to introduce a new format of lesson plans directly related to specific art lesson posts. I figured that if a teacher wanted to print out a post, it would be hard to do so. Too much cutting and pasting! So, I've taken a few of my most popular lessons and reformatted them to include handouts that you can reproduce and give to the students as well as a printer friendly version of the lesson plan. For those of you who have purchased my Art Booklets, these are similar in format, just smaller and more focused.

My first is "Royal Pooches"!
This adorable art lesson comes with three "how-to-draw" handouts for a Bulldog, a Basset Hound and a Cocker Spaniel.
The nine-page mini-booklet also includes a supply list, photo tutorial and student samples. The PDF is designed to be printed out so you can bring it to your classroom. This lesson is perfect for grades K-3.

Only $3!
To purchase, click on the "Add to Cart" Button below.


Unknown said...

I've watched and linked to your blog for awhile and never left a comment before. I really like all your projects and all the work you put into your site. Great stuff!

Kathy from

Patty Palmer said...

Thanks Kathy!
It's been fun expanding my classroom teaching experiences towards the development of this site. You were certainly an inspiration for that!
So...thank you!

Tweedy said...

Is there a way to order all of your PDFs at one time? I can't figure that out!

Patty Palmer said...

Hi Tweedy...not yet but in a month or so, we will have a shopping cart. Yippee!

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