Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Paper Cut Flowers for Third Grade

This is a favorite art lesson of mine for spring time...paper cut flowers in a symmetrical vase. I typically do this lesson with my third grade students but the results would be fanatstic at any age.

Colored Paper (I used some leftover "Eric Carle" painted paper from earlier in the year)
White paper (this is 9" x 6" but a larger size would work equally as well)
Scissors & Glue

For ease of set-up, I set out pre-cut squares/rectangles of colored construction paper, a white background paper(although a black background is quite effective), scissors, extra paper and glue sticks.
Even though most of my students have made a symmetrical vase before, I demonstrate again because it remains a challenge. (Fold paper in half, hold the folded edge, cut vase shape).
After pasting on the vase, I instruct the kids to paste paper circles for the centers of their flowers. Because our paper size for this project was small, three centers seemed to make the best composition.

Next, demonstrate how to make different types of petals...heart shape, standard shape, abstract, etc. Leave it up to the kids to come up with clever ways to make petals!


Tisha Smith said...

These are fabulous! I can't believe I've been teaching art for 5 years and never new about all these "blogs"....You've created a whole new world for me. Yipes, I even started my own blog-after being inspired by you and the others.
THANKS tons for sharing and posting--the more art our children are exposed to--the greater our world becomes. Really!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

I love this one! The examples are so fabulous. I'll be linking.

Cia said...

Love your site!!!

Joanne said...

Lovely! I look forward to using this project with my art kids this fall...

Term papers said...

You have so many fantastic ideas! Thanks for this one, and the link to the list of Paper Cut Flowers for Third Grade. Your candied paper Cut Flowers for Third Grade are so pretty!

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