Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Symmetrical Vase and Stamped Flowers for Kinders

I love this lesson. It's colorful, fun, expressive and best of all, easy to do! Looking at these beautiful pictures, it's hard to believe the lesson takes just one thirty minute session. Trick is to have the supplies ready.
Creating the vase takes the most time and let me just say right now, that I've never had a kinder class master the art of folding and cutting a symmetrical shape once in six years. Inevitably, they will always cut too close to the fold line, resulting in a very tiny vase or they will cut on the wrong edge and end up with two halves. (Read my tutorial to get the gist of my meaning!).
But cheer up, the project gets progressively easier after the vase is glued down.
I set out a bunch of cut-up kitchen sponges (petal shapes, circles, triangles, etc.) and brushes and let the kids create. Just look at those little hands in the picture below. How cute are they?
Here's an important tip. For best results, do not add water to the tables. Question: But how do the kids clean their brushes? Answer: They don't.
Trust me on this. It's better to have mixed-up paint than a sopping, water-logged painting. Tell the kids they can use all the sides of the sponges and if the paint colors mix together, that's a good thing!

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