Thursday, April 23, 2009

DEEP SPACE SPARKLE presents...Fun with Portraits!

The second in my series of PDF downloads, "Fun with Portraits" is a 24- page packet that contains everything you need to teach fun portrait lessons to your students or children. I've include SIX portrait lessons designed specifically for elementary students:
  • Two dynamic Matisse-inspired portrait lessons for upper and lower elementary
  • Paper-Cut portraits with optional lesson ideas
  • Tempera/Watercolor portraits
  • Imagination portraits
  • Collage portraits with optional lesson ideas

The PDF includes original how-to-draw handouts, two "head" templates to reproduce, full picture tutorials and the best yet, over 75 students samples!

Click on the "Add to Cart" button below to purchase.
Only $5


Julie Abbott Art said...

i think i send payment to you for this (julie@ohhappydayfunkyart)
if you have recieved could you send the pdf file to
THANK YOU! can't wait!

rebecca said...

hi, I also sent payment for this on May 2nd. Can you send the pdf to


Patty Palmer said...

Hi Rebecca,
Oh! Sorry about that! Tech support will send you a link via email later on tonight.
It's easy to bypass the link in Google Checkout, so I'm glad you contacted me.
Thanks so much for the order and I hope you enjoy the lessons.

dbanana said...

I also ordered the Fun with Portraits lesson plan on April 28 and have not received it. I am looking forward to looking at the lessons. Could you please send me the PDF to
Thank you.

dbanana said...

I love all the ideas you have on this site. Everyday I seem to find something new. I have shared it with many teachers. Thank you for Sharing.

Patty Palmer said...

Hi Dana,
I just sent you a link for the Fun with Portraits lesson. Hope you enjoy!
If anyone misses or bypasses the automatic link on Google Checkout, let me's really easy to just send an email.

littlecbsmom said...

I LOVED the self portrait lesson! I just did one with my homeschool co op class yesterday and the results were fantastic! I have NO experience teaching art and thanks to you I was able to pull this off.

I had the kids draw a picture of themselves first then walked through the lesson and then they drew themselves again and the transformations were amazing!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Shai Coggins said...

Hello. I've tried to purchase this, thinking I will get a download link immediately, as I was hoping to use the lesson for tomorrow. But, I did not get the link. I'm disappointed. How do I get access to the PDF file?

Patty Palmer said...

Hi Shai,
Yup, the download is immediate. Send me your information right away and we'll take care of you (I have forwarded your comments to tech support but other than your name, he has nothing to search for in terms of payment or ordering records)

chris said...

I tried to purchase this, but when I clicked "add to cart" nothing happened. Please help.

Patty Palmer said...

Hi Chris,
Occasionally our server is interrupted, so trying again a few minutes later is sometimes the best solution. You can always go directly to the Product page.
Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

I love your site and your lessons! Have you ever thought about adding your pdf booklets to I am a homeschool mom and I know that other homeschool moms would love your lessons for their children!

-Aadel in KS

Patty Palmer said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll check it out!

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