Monday, March 9, 2009

Hot Air Balloon Drawing Lesson for Third Grade

This is a simple, yet satisfying drawing lesson suitable for 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th grade.
Begin with a paper plate (8") , a small rectangle cut from tag board (approx. 2" x 3"), pencils and a sheet of 12" x 18" white paper.
Trace the plate towards the top of the white paper. Trace the rectangle a few inches below the circle. Now, draw sections in the balloon, beginning with a line straight down the middle and curved lines extending beyond that. (see blue shapes in sample)
Attach the rectangle with two straight lines, connecting the "basket" to the balloon. You can chose to have a rounded basket simply by rounding out the bottom of the rectangle.
Next, trace over all keeper lines with a black pen, add patterns and color in with markers.

Balloons were done by second and third grade students...


Anonymous said...

This could be a great tie-in for a science lesson!

Chalk Inscriptions said...

My daughter likes the hot air balloon so maybe we will do this one - oh the choices! We can't decide!

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