Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Day Heart Collage

Inspired by Valentine's Day, I pulled out my file on Jim Dine and created this multi-step collage project for my second graders.
I use a station-method of attack with this lesson. By this I mean that I set up a different art lesson/technique at each table.

Day One...
To begin, a child chooses a table and writes his name on the white piece of paper at that table. This paper then becomes his "tray". He uses his tray to carry around the different hearts he will make. It will then become the background paper in the next step. Confused? Read on...

I'm going to bullet the instructions, so this post won't be unbearably long.

You'll need:
3 hearts cut out of regular construction paper
1 heart cut out form watercolor paper
note: I use heart templates and have the kids trace and cut their own hearts, but precut hearts saves time.
1 sheet white construction paper (12' x 15")

Station #1: Watercolor Resist Table
1 tray of liquid water colors (red, purple, yellow, etc)
2 water containers and brushes for 5
Tray of oil pastels
At this table, the children use their watercolor paper heart and color it with oil pastels. I encourage them to make patterns, flowers, hearts, circles, etc. Then they use the paint to "wash" their heart.
Have the kids place their finished watercolor heart on their "tray" and move to the next station.

Station #2: Tissue Paper Collage
Using scraps of tissue paper, the kids brush on either liquid starch or Mod Podge (watered down) on their paper heart to moisten. Then they begin adding layers of tissue paper, brushing each one flat.
Tip: It's fun for the teacher or an adult to carry around a jar of glitter. As the kids finish, a sprinkling of glitter can be added to the wet heart. So pretty!

Station #3: Metallic Mess
Set out a tray of regular tempera paint in white, red, lime green and yellow. In another tray, set out metallic tempera paint in gold, silver or bronze.
Show the kids how they can mix the metallic paint with the regular paint, swirling and blending, splattering or dabbing.

Station #4: Paint and Sequins
Set out a tray of tempera paint and trays of buttons, sequins, etc. Anything you have laying around the art room would work for this random collage. Let the kid's personal expression come through, with no specific direction. Let them create.

End of Day one...I know, what a mess!

Day Two...

Using the "tray" from the last class, have the kids stack their now dry hearts into a pile. This part is fun and can be done in many ways. I set out rollers with funky patterns on them and trays of lime green and pink paint. I tell the kids to roll on their favorite color, making sure to roll all the way to the edges.
Next, I set out small tubs of yellow and red paint. Using small brushes, I have the kids make small jelly bean shaped dots, hearts, swirls or anything they want on the background.

Final step: Glue the hearts to the background.
Ahhh! It's done and by now, the kids are covered in paint but mighty proud.

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