Saturday, February 28, 2009

Symmetrical Butterflies

This is a lesson I usually do with my third graders, but it could suit almost any grade level.
It's great to have a variety of butterfly pictures posted on the white board for visual interest.
This lesson begins with a sheet of 12" x 18" white construction paper.


Step One:
Instruct the students to fold their paper in half (width wise).
Now, on one side of the paper (using the fold as a guide) flatten out the paper and draw one half of a butterfly.

Step Two:
After drawing half the butterfly, fold the paper over and rub the paper. The oil pastel will transfer onto the other half of the paper. It's important to use a dark color oil pastel that is creamy not brittle, otherwise, the pastel will not transfer properly. Also, make sure the kids generate a little heat! This aids in the transferring of the oil pastel.

Step Three:
Open up the paper and you will see the lines appear of the other side of the paper. They will be faint. Now, trace over the lines to create a perfect symmetrical butterfly!

Step Four:
Paint the butterfly with watercolor paints. Cake form is best. Stress how important it is to keep the colors the same on both sides of the butterfly.

Step Five:
If desired, cut out butterfly and glue onto a colored piece of construction paper.

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