Sunday, February 8, 2009

Adorable Close-up Snowman Painting

It's hard to resist adding snowmen into any art curriculum. They're easy to draw, familiar, and oh so cute.
I did this lesson with my first graders but it would also be a perfect lesson for second or third.
The whole point of this lesson is to have the children think about what the snowman would look like close-up. Most want to draw the three circles and get on with it. But I try to keep their interest by showing them what part of the paper to focus on.
First step: After drawing the snowman in black oil pastel (I don't use pencils for this project...only makes the kids fret about being perfect) they start painting the white snow first. Then, the dip their brushes in colorful paint and begin adding the details. Second step is to dip a Q-tip in paint and add the snowflakes.
Last step: outlining the black oil pastel lines again. Of course, wait until the paint is dry.

This painting turned out very well. The children were quite impressed with their new found knowledge on perspective.


sara said...

WOW- I am so glad I found your blog- I love this stuff!!!! I am going to do those snowmen with my kids tomorrow. keep up the great work!!!!

Patty Palmer said...

Love your blog, too, Sara! Your colors inspire me...
Thanks for visiting.

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