Monday, January 26, 2009

City at Night: Paper and Scissor Lesson for Kinders

Here is another great lesson for kindergartners to practice their cutting and pasting skills.

Supplies Needed:

Scissors & glue stick per student Construction paper in various colors cut into rectangles 1 12" x 18" black paper per student white tempera paint mixed w/water 1 small stiff brushes per student


Step One: Creating the moon and stars.
Show the students how to create a moon by swirling the small brush in a circle and splattering the white paint to create the stars. This step takes about five minutes. Set black paper aside.

Step Two: Creating the skyscrapers.
After a short discussion on what a skyscraper is, I show the kids how they can take a rectangle and cut the top part to create a custom skyscrapers. It's a simple as cutting out small squares and rectangles from the top and sides of each piece.
Have the students glue the skyscrapers as they go, going from one side of the paper to the next.

Step Three: Adding the windows and doors.
I cut strips of yellow construction paper the width of their windows and give a couple of strips to each student. They can cut the strips into small rectangles and glue them to the windows. Same for the doors.

The kids LOVE being skyscraper builders!

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Camille said...

I love this idea! It reminds me of a Starry Night project I do with my first graders. But we only use black for the buildings (a la Van Gogh). Since I am going to have a kinder/first grade combo next year, I am trying to revamp all of my art lessons so they are new and different and accessible to both grades. So glad I stumbled onto your site!!!

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