Monday, May 26, 2008

Earth Science Mural

Once again, the 6th grade mural at Mountain View School is fantastic. This year, Mrs. Young and Ms. Scharfeld chose "Earth Science." Then, the ceramic teacher, Ms. Valance and myself came up with a visual plan. We thought that creating an "organic" or non-linear mural would suit the theme.
We spent an entire class period discussing the mural, breaking down the theme into sections and finally, drawing the ideas on paper.
The next class was devoted to building the clay pieces. Ms. Vallance showed them how to create dimensional objects, building up and out rather than flat. After the pieces were dried and fired, the students' painted their pieces, glazed them and fired them the second time.
At this point, Ms. Vallance and I had hundreds of varying sized pieces. How would it come together? After discussions with the two men who would be installing the mural, we decided that created a template was our best option.
Frank and Mike did a great job of duplicating our template and only having to make a few adjustments with extra tiles, etc.
Congratulations 6th graders! A stunning mural!


Toddstew said...

Great Murral. I am interested in having my school make a mural for an outdoor life lab, any suggestions for planning or getting started?

Patty Palmer said...

It's hard to suggest anything other than what I already contributed without knowing how much experience you have with clay and ceramics. What type of suggestions are you looking for?

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