Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Eric Carle Inspired Owl Art Lesson

Slightly less time consuming than Barns and Farms, Owls take only two classes to complete. Follow the instructions for Day One: Getting messy (see below). For day two, I use Owl templates. You can create your own. Draw a simplified owl, then trace the parts onto cardboard or tag board. The kids can use the templates or not. I encourage the kids to add a night sky, branches, rocks, etc.
(The owls were created by Mrs. Biondo's 3rd grade class in 2005)


Anonymous said...

I could not find the directions to make. It says day 1 see directions. Where can I find them? They look awesome.

Patty Palmer said...

Hi Anonymous,
Yes, that was confusing. I posted a few lessons together, so that's why the mistake. Go to the Second Grade Lessons on the Blog's left bar, click on Eric Carle Barns and Farms. You'll see the complete instructions there.
Glad you stopped by. Let me know how it worked out!

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