Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Collage Snowman Kindergarten Art Lesson

My kindergarten class had a terrific time creating their collage snowmen. It's a very simple lesson to do with this age group. You'll need two 30 minute sessions:

First session:
Cut small pieces of tissue paper into small pieces (violet, blue, pink and any other cool colors) and arrange on trays. Set tray in the middle of table for each group of kids. Demonstrate how to apply tissue paper to 9 x 11 white or light blue paper using liquid starch and a small brush. Encourage the kids to add tissue paper even to the edges-they can be trimmed later.

Second session: Put out a few colors of tempera paint (white, light blue, red, orange, black) and demonstrate how the kids might draw a snowmen. They have their own ideas, so I usually don't force them to stick with the three-circle theory!
Final detail: hand out a few sequins or snowflake shaped sequins to add on with white glue.

Results: Totally charming!

Foothill School Mrs. Feeley and Mrs. Scott's K class


Anonymous said...

I discovered your site this year, and love it. I've tried a few lessons with great success. I am wondering if you do any more winter lessons you could share. I'm tired of doing the same thing and would love some new, fresh ideas.
Thanks for sharing!

Patty Palmer said...

Hi Carey,
Thanks for visiting. You know, I did a "Snowy Day" project last year and it turned out very well. I'll see about doing it again, and try to remember to photograph it.
Also, check your school library for picture books about winter. That's where I get many of my art ideas. There are really only a few techniques to teach kids, so it's only the subject matter that requires creativity!
Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

This art project was a HUGE hit with my kids and parents. It's so lovely on the wall that we did it right before Christmas break and they are still up...coming down this first week of March though so new things can go up! Thanks for sharing your projects on this site and linking other great sites too!

Patty Palmer said...

I'm so pleased! This was a fun lesson for my kids as well. Thanks for letting me know!

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