Thursday, November 8, 2007

Paper Self-Portraits for Third Grade

Paper portraits are yet another fun and easy way to create portraits for your students. Although this project is simple and fun, there are certain steps the children must do along with the teacher in order for the project to be successful. This project usually takes two 45 minute class periods, perhaps allowing some extra time on another day for the detailed-oriented children.
Per student:
12 x 18 white paper
12 x 18 background paper (let the kids chose from a variety of colored backgrounds)
skin tone paper (1/2 sheet per portrait)
1 sheet paper for hair (size varies)
1 piece paper for shirt/shoulders
Variety of sequins, buttons, etc.
Tip: Use glue sticks instead of white glue for this project.
  1. I place one tray of tools (see sidebar) on each table. The tray contains scissors, markers, glue, etc.)
  2. On the white paper, I instruct the students how to draw a simplified face. Starting with a large letter "U" in the middle of the paper, we draw the face. The draw two lines for the neck, ovals for eyes, hair and a mouth. Don't worry about a nose or any eye details. Add shoulders and a neckline. The kids should write "top" of shoulder section, "face" on head and "hair" on hair.
  3. Have the children cut out the contour of their head and shoulders. Then, cut hair away from face and shoulders/top away from face. Each kid should have three sections: Hair, Face and Top.
  4. With the skin colored paper, have the kids trace around their "face" template. With the hair colored paper, trace the "hair" template. And finally, with the top colored paper, trace the "top" template. Cut out.
  5. Starting with the cut out top, glue it down on the background paper. Then glue the face, then the hair. It's important to do it in this order.
    This part usually takes about 45 minutes.
  6. Throw away all template paper (white pieces) except for face. At this point, each child should have a face, hair and top glued down on their background paper.
  7. Now its time for the details. Cut out the eyes and mouth from the white face template paper. Glue the white ovals onto face. The kids can color in the colored parts of their eyes and make a dot for the pupil.
  8. Trace mouth onto colored paper and glue onto face.
  9. Now let the kids chose buttons, sequins, etc for necklaces, shirt patterns and buttons. Let the kids decorate the background paper if they wish. I usually bring out my collage box that holds different pieces of tissue paper, printed paper, etc. for them to use as they see fit.
I think the portraits came out beautifully!

For more detailed photo tutorials, templates and student handouts, check out Deep Space Sparkle's "Fun with Portraits" PDF booklet. Click HERE for more details.

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