Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fred Babb Inspires...

Gwen Dawson, one of my favorite teachers from MountainView School, gave me the best gift; A portfolio of artist Fred Babb's vibrant paintings. I put them to good use by developing a lesson plan for my third and fourth grade students. The kids at Foothill let go of their inhibitions and painted freestyle, inspired by Babb's work.
I love watching kids create art. The concentration is fierce and you can almost see the creativity flow from their hands straight out the brush. Here are some pictures of the fun we had in art class today.

Last Thursday, I had the chance to pop into the Goleta Library to see the annual art gallery featuring works of art from all nine Goleta Schools. All schools presented a wonderful variety of art bathing the gallery with an abundance of color.
Congratulations to the following MountainView kids whose art was displayed: K-Summer Spink, Angie Richards 1st-Toby Wahlberg, Elena Ibettson, Matthew Huizenga, 2nd-Erin Mahan, Savannah Eggers, Calvin Schipper, Ryan Guardino, 3rd-Joyce Cabrera, Siena Applebaum, Ashley Padilla, Adison Courson, 4th-Janey Vickers, Josh Wang, Ben Earl, 5th-Patrick Scott, Sara Doyle, Niko Plesons, Teah Burdick, 6th Mia Cattaneo, Eena Kosik, Kayla Klopstein, Kevin Shaw, and Grace Halleck.

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