Sunday, November 25, 2007

Eric Carle Inspired Seahorses and Mermaids

Eric Carle has been an inspiration for many art projects in my art room. This one is my favorite. It's a three-class project that includes making the paper (use whatever technique works for you), painting the white background paper with watercolor and then finally adding Seahorses and Mermaids. I prefer to offer the children templates for the mermaids tail and body as well as the seahorse body, but often the kids would rather make their own. I interfere only when the mermaid/seahorse is drawn too small.
The children love choosing their colors, adding clothes, crowns and facial features and finally, glitter!

I have a complete "Eric Carle" Inspired lesson plan booklet on a PDF. It's $5 and comes with tons of pictures, templates and handouts. It includes this seahorse lessons as well as others.


Anonymous said...

Do you use tissue paper for the paper or regular white paper or colored construction paper? Doesn't Carle use tissue paper?

Sorry for the questions, just need your expertise. :-)


Patty Palmer said...

Eric Carle does indeed use tissue paper, but I don't. I use regular white paper (sulfite). Tissue paper would work well for older kids (middle school) but it's far to fragile for the little ones.

Anonymous said...

I purchased the Eric Carle Seahorses and Mermaids but was unable to download. Can you give directions please?

Patty Palmer said...

Hi Anonymous,
I'll forward your concern to our tech support, but he'll need your order number. Can you email me privately at
You might be able to find your answer in my FAQ page (top menu bar). Typically, once your payment is approved, the download information appears.
No worries, though. Just send a direct email.

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